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Christopher Smith

  LWC President Christopher Smith  has been involved in the sport of weightlifting since 1991.  A former nationally competitive athlete in olympic weightlifting as well as track and field and wrestling. Chris is also the USAW President of the North East Region for the Presidents Advisory Committee (PAC), International Category 2 Referee and National Coach. He lives in Levittown, NY and was the MET LWC Team Rep before becoming the president in 1999. Since that time the Met LWC has went from 150 members  and 14 teams to over 1000 members and 37 teams. 

Contact info:

Phone - 516-317-3436

Email -

Website -

I believe in total transparency of this organization so if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me by phone , email  or in person when you see me at a competition.   Chris​

Metropolitan LWC - Newsletter April 2021  


Dear friends of USAW, Metropolitan LWC 06,


I trust this letter finds you well and in good health!


There were two successful meets held in March. The Albany Crossfit Barbell Club Spring Cleaning, meet director James McDermott, held in Albany on 3/27 and The Battle for Brooklyn, meet director Kurt Roderick, held in Brooklyn on 3/28. The Larry Mintz Memorial will be held 4/10 at Crossfit Syosset. As always, the list of meets can be found at Please contact the meet directors as they will be happy to answer any questions regarding a specific competition as well as Covid-19 safety protocols.  Here is a link for Covid-19 resources including, Returning to Sport during Covid-19, Full Virtual Safety Guide, Guide for Parents, Coaches, and Athletes.


The New York State Championships October 23-24 will take place at the Holiday Inn Banquet Hall at 75 North Street, Auburn, NY, meet director Jamie Swaggler, where lifters from all over NY will gather for a weekend of what promises to be great lifting with awards for Senior, Junior, Youth and Master athletes! Cash Prizes for Best Open, Master, Team for male and female!



Register here:


Please get those Outstanding Lifter Award nominations in for results of the year 2020 as the deadline is May 15! Awards will be distributed at the NY State Championships.


On the national scene, we had many Met LWC lifters participate in the North American Open Series 1 – National University Championships Hybrid in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Master National Championships in Florida. A big thank you to all the gyms for supporting the athletes for training as well as a venue with technical support for lifters that chose to compete virtually.


Finally, I will be announcing dates in the future for referee clinics throughout the state where you can become a local referee or brush up on the latest rules for those that are already officials!


Join us on social media: Instagram @metropolitan_weightlifting and Facebook Metropolitan LWC group.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Chris Smith


President Metropolitan LWC


IWF Cat 2 Referee


Presidents Advisory Committee


Phone: 516-317-3436



Metropolitan LWC Newsletter March 2021

Dear friends of USAW, Met LWC 06,

We are about 6 weeks away from the Larry Mintz Memorial weightlifting competition- Saturday April 10, 2021 !

  • This is one of the Met LWC's longest running meets with its inception in 1991 (30 years running)!!!

  • Registration will be capped at 40 lifters!

  • This meet will sell out, so register soon!!!

  • Covid-19 guidelines will be followed!

A few things....

  1. Please Click Here to see a list of meets scheduled for this year!

  2. Please Click Here for Outstanding Lifter Award Nominations!

  3. Please Click Here to view the Metropolitan Records!

and finally...

Please Click Here to register or renew your USAW membership!


Chris Smith


phone 516-317-3436

President Metropolitan LWC

IWF Cat 2 Referee

National Coach

Metropolitan LWC Newsletter Feb 2021

Dear friends of USAW, MET LWC (06),

Outstanding athlete nominations for 2020 are now being accepted through Sunday May 16, 2021.

The Outstanding Lifter Awards have been a Metropolitan LWC tradition for over 50 years. The purpose of the award is to honor outstanding athlete achievements each year in the following categories for male and female athletes: Outstanding Senior, Outstanding Junior, Outstanding Master and Most Improved Lifter.

To be considered for an award an athlete must be a member of the Metropolitan LWC (06) and have made competed in any USAW or IWF live or online competition during the year 2020.

These nominations and awards are an opportunity for athletes, coaches, volunteers and fans of weightlifting to celebrate the hard work and dedication to sport that the athletes deserve. By applauding these athletes who have achieved high performance within this organization, younger athletes begin to form their own aspirations for high level performance as the weightlifters of the future.

At the NYS Championships Oct 23-24, 2021 the award recipients will receive a custom engraved plaque at the awards ceremony.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to participate in this important nomination process. Your participation will encourage athletes to reach the highest levels of the sport we love so much, weightlifting.

To send in a nomination please visit our website

For assistance please contact your Zone Governor or an Athletes Representative.

Governor Zone 2 Hudson Valley - Joe Rodriguez       email

Governor Zone 3 Adirondack - James McDermott      email

Governor Zone 4 Albany - James Swagler                  email

Athletes Representative – Lyn Kajahara                     email

Athletes Representative – Dean Otsuka                     email


Chris Smith

President Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee

IWF Cat 1 Referee

National Coach

Presidents Advisory Committee

Email –




Metropolitan LWC Newsletter October 2019

Dear friends of USAW, MET LWC (06),

  The highlight of September was the New York State Championship, which was a fine meet ran by meet director Dan Casey. This event brought together athletes and spectators from both the Metropolitan and Niagara LWC’s traveling from all parts of New York State to enjoy a competitive, exciting and well run competition. As with every competition quite a bit of planning was done behind the scenes, and it all came together for the athletes to perform the best that they can.  Congratulations are in order to all lifters and coaches. Listed below are some of the outstanding performances.

Metropolitan LWC Records:

Senior Woman 55 kg class -   Jessica Jean Augustine CJ 100

Youth Woman 49 kg class Alexis Jones Downstate Barbell Club -  Snatch 50, CJ 59, Total 109

Youth Men 73 kg class Alex Paganuzzi Northeast Barbell Club -  Snatch 101, CJ 131, Total 231

Youth Men 81 kg class Larry Mintz  Long Island Weightlifting Club -  CJ 112

Youth Men 96 kg class Andrew Smith  Long Island Weightlifting Club - Snatch 95, CJ 125, Total 220

Junior Men 89 kg class Jake Senate Cuppa Joe Weightlifting Snatch 108, CJ 136, Total 244

Master M35 Darrin Fulkerson Saratoga Barbell Club Snatch 107, CJ 150, Total 257

Master M35 Sigfredo Rivera Snatch  CJ 160

Outstanding Youth Lifters:

1. Alec Paganuzzi

2. Andrew Smith

3. Alexis Jones

Outstanding Junior Lifters:

1. Alec Paganuzzi

2. Jacob Senate

3. Anthony Nguyen

Outstanding Master Female:

1. Amy Stumvoll

2. Heather Russell

3. Jacueline Vere

Outstanding Master Male:

1. Robert Santoro

2. Brett Andrus

3. Darrin Fulkerson

Outstanding Senior Female:

1. Nicolette Torregiani

2. Samantha Kennedy

3. Zhanyl Okoeva

Outstanding Senior Male:

1. Jeremy Randolph

2. Jimmy Marquez

3. Steve Paniccia

Best Teams – Men:

1. Gryphon Strength Barbell

2. Cayuga Barbell

3. Saratoga Barbell

 Best Teams – Women:

1. Saratoga Barbell

2. New York Weightlifting Academy

3. Downstate Barbell

For complete results and to view the Metropolitan LWC records click here:

  Competitions are becoming more frequent and to keep up with the demand meet directors require more officials. We are currently seeking anyone who would like to participate as an official. By becoming an official you will among other things, learn new skills, give back to the sport you love, learn the rules and make an impact for the betterment of weightlifting.  If you would like to become a USAW official, please call or email me and I can guide you thru the process. 

There is still time to register for the 2019 Metropolitan Championships.

 The event will be held at Lost Battalion Hall in Rego Park NY on Saturday October 26th, 2019.  You may enter / register on-line with USAW through webpoint or use the paper entry form that is available to download from the LWC web site at or the USAW website

  The evening before the Championships there will be a general membership meeting.  The meeting will begin at 7:30 P.M. on Friday October 25th, 2019 at Lost Battalion Hall in Rego Park, NY and it is open to all current USAW members in LWC 06.  It's a great opportunity to meet the members of the LWC Board, ask them questions about the sport of weightlifting and make your concerns regarding the sport known to them.

Thank you,

Chris Smith

President Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee

IWF Cat 2 Referee

National Coach

Ph.  516-317-3436   email

                                                                                                                                                                                    Metropolitan LWC Newsletter September 2019

Dear friends of USAW, MET LWC (06)

  The Metropolitan LWC Masters Records are official and now on the website. Click here for a direct link

  Speaking of master lifters, there were quite a few Metropolitan LWC lifters representing the USA that participated in Montreal Quebec Canada at the Masters World Weightlifting Championship. Some noteworthy performances were, Spencer Tsai (M40 73 kg) who placed silver and set a masters national  record with a 123 kg clean and jerk. Spencer also holds the snatch and total Metropolitan record. Last years Metropolitan LWC outstanding male Master award winner Mark Ongeyberg (M55 61kg) placed gold and set a masters national and Metropolitan record of 87kg in the clean and jerk with a 158 total. Mark also has the Met LWC snatch and total record. Sigfredo Rivera M35 +109 placed bronze with a 283 total.

  Last years Metropolitan LWC outstanding female Master award winner. Stella Ladao (W45 59kg) placed silver and set a master national snatch record of 67 kg. By the way Stella also owns the CJ and Total master national records set at the masters national championship back in April. Roberta Mulder (W60 55 kg) placed silver and set metropolitan records in the snatch and total. Roberta has all of the National as well as the metropolitan records in both the 55kg and 59 kg weight class! If I missed an outstanding performance please email me at and it will be noted.

  Closer to home the next Metropolitan LWC sanctioned event will be the NYS championship meet taking place on Sept 28-29 in White Plains. Talking to many participants and coaches as well as looking at the many social media posts of lifters training, this competition is drawing participants from all over New York State and will certainly be a great one! Remember, these meets all need volunteers to help them run so if you would like to participate as a volunteer contact the meet director or coordinator. Remember to send in your nomination for the yearly athlete awards by Sept 30.

 2019 Metropolitan calendar:

Sept 28-29 - NYS Championship Sept 28-29 White Plains             Dan Casey

Oct 26 - 2019 Metropolitan Championship Oct 26 Rego Park      Jeff Scott

Nov 10 - Kilos and Giving Brooklyn                                                    Juan Blanco

Dec 10 - Nick Curry Memorial Holiday Open Garden City             Chris Smith

Thank you,

Christopher Smith President of the Metropolitan Weightlifting Committee/Association 

President of the North East Region for the Presidents Advisory Committee (PAC)

International Category 2 Referee

National Coach

                                                                                                                                                                     September 2019

Dear friends of USA Weightlifting - Metropolitan LWC 06

As we enter the last month of summer 2019, I want to inform you this has been a very successful year thus far in terms of athlete participation, quality of lifting, attendance of spectators, etc.! Congratulations and well done. Of course, this was due directly to the unselfish work of the volunteers (coaches, officials and staff) and most importantly the support of the athletes that attend our competitions.

The success of the athletes that competed in local, national, and international competitions was outstanding. My sincere congratulations to each one of you.

There is still more excitement to come. We have the following upcoming competitions to look forward to:

September 28 NYS Championships in White Plains meet director Dan Casey

October 26 Metropolitan Championship in Rego Park Queens meet director Joe Triolo

November 10 Kilos Giving Open in Brooklyn meet director Juan Blanco

December 15 Nick Curry Memorial Open/Holiday Open meet director Chris Smith


To close, I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.


Thank you once more for all your support!

Chris Smith

President Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee

                                                                                                                                                                           August 2019

Dear friends of USA Weightlifting – Metropolitan LWC 06 


Someone asked me the other day:  Why do Local Weightlifting Committees (LWCs) matter? It’s really a great question. Most members and coaches probably don’t give it too much thought, but there are several reasons why, even today, LWCs matter.


 As the first reason I’ll give an example.   Let’s say you’re interested in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, but new to the sport – a beginner.  You are trying to get started in the sport.   Back in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, many beginners learned to lift from magazines such as Strength and Health.  Strength and Health gave them guidance – it was like having a coach by correspondence.  The beginner still needed a place to train and finding a gym was no simple task.  Nowadays, we have the Internet with so many social media outlets.  Most beginners turn to the internet to find a place to train, help learning the lifts and most importantly, to find a coach.   A Google search brings them to the USA Weightlifting website.  On the USAW site they can find the contact information for the Metropolitan LWC and the registered clubs in the LWC.  

Second reason:  Without some form of national and local organization, clubs would be harder to locate.  Maybe searches would only show clubs that spend a lot of money promoting themselves on the internet.  The LWC represents all clubs in the LWC region and provides a comprehensive and unbiased snapshot of the clubs as resources for the beginning lifter to turn to.   All clubs are represented equally.


Third reason:  The LWC has an executive board which makes decisions for the betterment of the lifters under their governance.  In addition to regular board meetings, two general membership meetings are held each year.  Any member of the LWC can address the board and voice their concerns, opinions or suggestions.

Fourth reason:  The leading officers of the executive board get voted in by the members of the local organization. These elections are conducted and overseen by the USAW national office.  Each member of the executive board brings a level of knowledge to the table with them whether they are….

An athlete representative 
A club representative
A technical official leader
A governor of one of the four regions in LWC 
The treasurer or the technical chair
An ad hoc member

The secretary
The president, who is the chair of the local organization. 


The dedicated volunteers serving in these positions bring their expertise to the local organization.   Most of the board members are National Referees, or higher, with many years of experience in the sport.


Fifth reason:  The LWC has an important mission.  The LWC is in charge of growing the sport / creating memberships at the grassroots level.  When the ranks of members grow, sports grow.  The LWC helps meet directors run their competitions properly and helps them adhere to the highest standards possible.  The LWC assists in the recruitment of referees for local organizations. The LWC can them progress from member to official through each stage from local referee to national referee and even international referee.  The process takes several years, but it all starts with the LWC.  The LWC also plays a critical role in education. 


Sixth reason:  The LWC is responsive and accountable.  The LWC has a set of bylaws – basically a constitution to guide the executive board.  The LWC must keep records of minutes of meetings for prior years. The LWC also keep records of competition results and the record lifts of the LWC.


Seventh reason:  The LWC promotes and supports local talent.  Each year, at an open ceremony, the LWC gives outstanding lifter awards for females and males in the junior, senior and master categories as well as awards for most improved female and male.


I hope I have been able to shed some light on the important role the LWC plays in the sport of weightlifting.  The governance of any organization is never done better by being larger or more centralized.  It’s always better for you, the athlete, when you can speak to your local organizers and they can reach out individually and get their hands dirty in the process of education and growth in the sport. 


Thank you for all of your support!


Chris Smith President, LWC 06

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